Tauranga Vapour Blasting Services offers a highly effective and environmentally-friendly metal restoration and refinishing solution for both domestic and commercial applications. The process produces outstanding cosmetic results.

What is Vapour Blasting?

Vapour Blasting, Aqua Blasting, Wet Blasting and Water Honing are essentially terms used to define the same process. It has rapidly become the number one choice of action for metal restoration that requires the highest quality of surface finish.

Our Tauranga-based vapour blasting services are the most cost-effective cosmetic metal refinishing solution. This approach is ideal for restoring automotive and motorcycle parts as well as aircraft, watercraft and other domestic and commercial metal applications.

If you require metal polishing, refinishing or restoration, get in touch with Tauranga Vapour Blasting today. You’ll be astounded by the results. Find out more about the process and benefits of vapour blasting.

Before and After of a Brass Soap Dish

Why Tauranga Vapour Blasting?

We’ve got the tools

We use industry-recognised ‘best of breed’ equipment and consumables. This translates to getting the best possible results for your metal restoration project.


We’re a new business, however we’ve been restoring and maintaining vehicles for decades. We started Tauranga Vapour Blasting after experiencing the superior results of this process.

Competitive Pricing

We’re committed to getting the perfect result at a competitive price. Vapour Blasting is the most cost-effective option …period.

You’ve arrived at Tauranga Vapour Blasting because:

  • You already know the benefits of Vapour Blasting and you want to check out our new Tauranga-based business
  • You’ve heard about Vapour Blasting but don’t know if it’s a suitable option for your project.  Chances are it’s the metal restoration solution you’ve been looking for
  • You’ve searched for metal polishing/refinishing/restoration solutions. You’ve come to the right place!

Whatever stage you’re at, give us a call and let’s have a chat. We’re all about positive outcomes for your Tauranga metal restoration project.  We want our customers to be completely happy with the results of our vapour blasting services and to this end, we’ll go outside the square to get the right result for you.

We are passionate motorcyclists and have enjoyed maintaining and restoring motorycles for decades.We have tried nearly all of the other alternative products and processes out there for making things look good and staying that way.  Vapour Blasting is the best we’ve come across, so much that we’ve made it our business.

Gallery Examples

Below are examples of the standard of work we produce.
Please view our Gallery page for more examples of what we can achieve with Vapour Blasting.